Additional discounts have been applied to the selected titles below for customers who will be attending the 2019 Learning, Language and Literacy Conference being held at Perth Convention Centre on 4th to 6th April.

This offer is valid until the 30 April or until stock lasts.   

   Understanding Learning Difficulties Guide - Revised Edition
10% Discount
The revised edition of Understanding Learning Difficulties is now available at a discounted rate for those attending the Learning, Language and Literacy Conference.  This offer applies to The Practical Guide for Teachers and Parent Guide. 
   Phonic Books
10% Discount
10% off the range of Phonic Books displayed in our current catalogue
Including Dandelion, Moon Dog, Magic Belt, That Dog, Alba, Totem, Rescue, Talisman, Titan and Amber Series. 
  Screen of Communication Skills
10% Discount
The Screen of Communication Skills (SOCS) is a language assessment developed by speech pathologists for children aged 3;6 to 6;6. It takes 15 mins for a teacher or EA to complete and assesses the areas of; semantics, comprehension, grammar, narrative, phonological awareness and speech.

  Little Learners Love Literacy Decodable Books
10% Discount 

This series of decodable book have delightful stories that children can read using their phonic knowledge; the letters and sounds that they have explicitly taught using the Little Learners Love Literacy approach.  Each book has rich but controlled vocabulary so that only words which can be decoded or "sounded out" are used.  
  Letters and Sounds Resources
10% Discount
A Systematic Synthetic Phonics approach outlining the 6 Phase progression to promote reading and spelling.  

   The Development of Working Memory in Children by Lucy Henry
10% Discount
Using the highly influential working memory framework as a guide, this textbook provides a clear comparison of the memory development of typically developing children with that of atypical children. The emphasis on explaining methodology throughout the book gives students a real understanding about the way experiments are carried out and how to critically evaluate experimental research.

Sounds Write Resources
10% Discount
Sounds Write is an evidence based phonics program utilising an exciting and highly successful approach to teaching of reading, spelling and writing.  Resources that surround this effective program include Initial Code, Extended Code and Older Learner Readers, Help your child to read and write activity book, Interactive Whiteboard for teachers. 
   Understanding How We Learn by Yana Weinstein
10% Discount

This accessible guide helps teachers to integrate effective, research-backed strategies for learning into their classroom practice. The book explores exactly what constitutes good evidence for effective learning and teaching strategies, how to make evidence-based judgments instead of relying on intuition, and how to apply findings from cognitive psychology directly to the classroom.

   Teacher Proof by Tom Bennett
10% Discount

Drawing from a wide range of recent and popular education theories and strategies, Tom Bennett highlights how much of what we think we know in schools hasn't been `proven' in any meaningful sense at all. He inspires teachers to decide for themselves what good and bad education really is, empowering them as professionals and raising their confidence in the classroom and the staffroom alike.

   Reading for Life by Lyn Stone
10% Discount

Why is it that more people can't read and write? Why are there still so many vastly different methods of teaching literacy? Why do people still argue about it?

Reading for Life examines these three questions, addressing the less evidence supported ideas about teaching reading and writing which are still alive and well in schools all over the world. This accessible guide bridges the gap between research and practice, translating academic findings into practical suggestions and ready-to-use techniques.



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